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How to Survive an Active Shooter in Your Workplace

Apr 13, 2017
It’s sad. It’s tragic. It has an impact profound enough to rattle an entire nation; launching citizens, students and employees into a state of fear and panic. While science and research hasn’t quite allowed us to pinpoint the mental and psychological reasons behind why school or workplace shootings take place, we have been able to pinpoint what steps should immediately be taken i

10 Incredible Facts About Breasts (Bonus: How to Administer a Breast Exam)

Oct 04, 2016
Photo Credit: Cienpies Design/ 123RF So we’re straying a little bit from our usual topics involving workplace safety because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For those of you never touched by the dark, rampant reign of cancer of any kind, you’re lucky. When it comes to breast cancer, it is the second leading cause of cancer death among women. [3] Additionally, 1 in 8

9 Ways to Save Your Body From Lasting Effects of Hard/Manual Labor

Sep 23, 2016
Good ‘ol fashion manual labor can certainly be tough on the body of the working man (and woman!). In fact, the National Bureau of Economic Research States that “The rate at which health deteriorates with age is faster in manual occupations than in non-manual occupations. For many people, work wears out their health” [3]. Now, this doesn’t apply to every person, and there

Cultural Competency: We’re Depending On You

Sep 13, 2016
Seriously, We’re Depending On You In a harmless social setting among family and friends, we virtually can’t talk about race, culture or gender disparities in America without there being some sort of disagreement regarding our perceptions about how said disparities unfold in front of our very eyes. Everyone seems to have something to say about religion, age, sexual orientation and cou

Safety Tolls to Match the Time: OSHA Penalties Rise to Accommodate Inflation

Jul 08, 2016
The year is 1990. Pretty Woman was one of the top grossing movies, and we were on the brink of one of the most technological advancements of all time. Grunge was starting to be the fashion, and the wild, loud, erratic styles of the ’80’s were on their way out (gone, but never forgotten). It was also the last time OSHA made any changes or upgrades to the ways in which they penalize comp

Dirty, Filthy Blood

Jul 01, 2016
“VICE: Tell us about yourself. Do you consume human blood? Galatea: I am a modern vampire. I was awakened at a very early age. It is part of who I am. It’s very beautiful, very spiritual. I do consume real human blood. Oh yes, I have read all the medical hoo-ha about no human having any medical or psychological need for blood. I personally, do not care what modern medicine or the psych

20 Important Safety Tips for Forklifts…The Infographic!

Aug 15, 2017
“20 Important Safety Tips for Forklifts” was very well received, we’re thrilled so many people were able to find value in the information. Because of that, we created an infographic with the information from that blog post so that you can download it and use it as a handout, a poster, or you can email it or share it on social media. That being said, OSHA statistics indicate that

MSHA: Coal Mining Deaths Reach Double Digit Numbers in 2017

Aug 15, 2017
The number of mining fatalities in 2017 already is outpacing last year’s count as of the end of July, according to MSHA. Three separate accidents at different worksites bring the total number to 10 deaths this year, with metal and nonmetal and machinery incidents combined. MSHA released the details of the three fatalities as “fatalgrams,” which provide a brief description as well as best pra

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Your Safety Initiatives, Even When OSHA Rules are Delayed

Aug 15, 2017
One of President Trump’s promises during his election campaign was to undo federal regulations that had been put in place over the previous eight years. In the first six months of 2017, the new administration has taken several steps to make good on this promise. On the worker safety front, we’ve seen a variety of delays, rollbacks, and other moves to rescind new OSHA rules, some of whi

Fatality Investigation: Orchard Worker Dies After Falling Off Tractor

Aug 15, 2017
A 25-year-old orchard laborer in Washington dies from injuries suffered after a rotary mower attached to a tractor runs him over. On a morning in April 2013, a Washington-state orchard supervisor left the orchard to pick up tractor parts. Before leaving, he asked a fellow worker to perform a task using a working tractor. When the supervisor returned at 10:00 a.m., he discovered that worker was sev

Millennials Are Helping To Make Safety A Top Concern In Industry

Aug 09, 2017
You can’t go far on the internet without coming across future predictions about industries, corporate culture and the workforce in general. And no such prediction is complete without taking millennials into account. This generation already represents more than a third of the American workforce — and that number will rise to three-quarters by 2025. By the time that day comes, it’s possible t

California oil refinery safety regulations approved

Aug 09, 2017
Sacramento, CA – The California Department of Industrial Relations and the California Environmental Protection Agency have approved final regulations intended to improve hazard prevention and management at the state’s 15 oil refineries. The rules come after a 2012 incident at a Chevron refinery in Richmond, CA, where a sizable fire and release of chemicals reportedly caused 15,000 people to

The Three Leadership Laws of Physical and Organizational Motion

Aug 08, 2017
Many leaders are principle-driven, enlisting personal values and learnings toward guiding their actions that result in measurable improvements. In contrast, lesser leaders might be guided by out-of-sync principles that don’t achieve superior results. Worse, lowest-echelon performers either ignore the results of their actions or, worse, make excuses to justify they’re right and everyone

Struck-by fatalities most prevalent in construction industry: report

Aug 08, 2017
Silver Spring, MD – Struck-by incidents contributed to 804 construction worker fatalities from 2011 to 2015, the most of any major industry, according to a new report from the Center for Construction Research and Training, also known as CPWR. Fifty-two percent of the fatalities involved workers struck by an object or equipment; the remaining deaths involved workers struck by vehicles, the repo

43% of Americans say they’re too tired to work safely

Aug 08, 2017
“Fitness for duty starts with getting a good night’s sleep,” said the head of the National Safety Council. Unfortunately, an NSC survey shows a sizable percentage of U.S. workers don’t think they fit that description.  The survey forms the basis for the first of three NSC reports. According to Fatigue in the Workplace: Causes & Consequences of Employee Fatigue, 43% say they’re too

Does a full moon affect worker behavior and injury rates at work?

Aug 07, 2017
Who doesn’t love the full moon, right? It’s so beautiful to look at. It lights up the night sky with a mystic, milky light splashing over the stars that seem to carry its light further and further across the earth’s land. It makes me stop and think about the beauty of life, the wonders, and it makes me feel thankful and full. It’s likely you feel the same way when a full mo