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10 Incredible Facts About Breasts (Bonus: How to Administer a Breast Exam)

Oct 04, 2016
Photo Credit: Cienpies Design/ 123RF So we’re straying a little bit from our usual topics involving workplace safety because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For those of you never touched by the dark, rampant reign of cancer of any kind, you’re lucky. When it comes to breast cancer, it is the second leading cause of cancer death among women. [3] Additionally, 1 in 8

9 Ways to Save Your Body From Lasting Effects of Hard Labor

Sep 23, 2016
Good ‘ol fashion manual labor can certainly be tough on the body of the working man (and woman!). In fact, the National Bureau of Economic Research States that “The rate at which health deteriorates with age is faster in manual occupations than in non-manual occupations. For many people, work wears out their health” [3]. Now, this doesn’t apply to every person, and there

Cultural Competency: We’re Depending On You

Sep 13, 2016
Seriously, We’re Depending On You In a harmless social setting among family and friends, we virtually can’t talk about race, culture or gender disparities in America without there being some sort of disagreement regarding our perceptions about how said disparities unfold in front of our very eyes. Everyone seems to have something to say about religion, age, sexual orientation and cou

Safety Tolls to Match the Time: OSHA Penalties Rise to Accommodate Inflation

Jul 08, 2016
The year is 1990. Pretty Woman was one of the top grossing movies, and we were on the brink of one of the most technological advancements of all time. Grunge was starting to be the fashion, and the wild, loud, erratic styles of the ’80’s were on their way out (gone, but never forgotten). It was also the last time OSHA made any changes or upgrades to the ways in which they penalize comp

Dirty, Filthy Blood

Jul 01, 2016
“VICE: Tell us about yourself. Do you consume human blood? Galatea: I am a modern vampire. I was awakened at a very early age. It is part of who I am. It’s very beautiful, very spiritual. I do consume real human blood. Oh yes, I have read all the medical hoo-ha about no human having any medical or psychological need for blood. I personally, do not care what modern medicine or the psych

Your First Reaction in the Event of a School or Workplace Shooting

May 24, 2016
It’s sad. It’s tragic. It has an impact profound enough to rattle an entire nation; launching citizens, students and employees into a state of fear and panic. While science and research hasn’t quite allowed us to pinpoint the mental and psychological reasons behind why school or workplace shootings take place, we have been able to pinpoint what steps should immediately be taken i

Recalls So Far in 2017- Stay Away From These Products

Jan 19, 2017
Every now and then we’ll get a notification that a product has been…dun dun dun….recalled. Which isn’t necessarily surprising considering most of our products are now mass produced and are there for at risk for faulty manufacturing. Looks like 2017 already has some product recalls, so if you were thinking of getting one of these products….well, don’t. If it̵

(Video) Flu Season Has Arrived And Only 40% of Americans Immunized

Jan 18, 2017
There’s concern that not enough people are getting flu shots, and health officials have new guidance about the nasal vaccine. Retrieved from

U.S. Abortion Rate Falls To Lowest Level Since Roe v. Wade

Jan 18, 2017
The abortion rate in the United States fell to its lowest level since the historic Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision legalized abortion nationwide, a new report finds. The report by the Guttmacher Institute, a research group that supports legalized abortion, puts the rate at 14.6 abortions per 1,000 women of childbearing age (ages 15-44) in 2014. That’s the lowest recorded rate since the Ro

This week in construction

Jan 18, 2017
Project labor agreements feature article — Jan. 17Project labor agreements are a consistent debate in the construction industry, as employer-focused groups like the Associated General Contractors and the Associated Builders and Contractors maintain they restrict competition and don’t take into consideration the large portion of workers who have no union affiliation. However, proponents

Overexertion tops list of disabling work injuries for third straight year: report

Jan 18, 2017
Hopkinton, MA – “Overexertion involving outside sources” was the leading cause of disabling injuries in the United States in 2014 for the third consecutive year, according to the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, an annual ranking of serious, nonfatal workplace injuries based on direct workers’ compensation costs. The overexertion category includes lifting, pushing, pulling and other

Judge says workers’ comp must pay for medical marijuana

Jan 17, 2017
Add a fourth state to the list of places where a court has ordered workers’ comp insurance to pay for medical marijuana for an injured worker.  A key reason why a New Jersey administrative law judge ordered workers’ comp to pay for the employee’s medical marijuana: It would decrease his use of narcotics, specifically oxycodone. Andrew Watson was injured while using a power saw at an 84 Lumb

House passes Midnight Rules Relief Act

Jan 17, 2017
Washington – The House of Representatives on Jan. 4 passed the Midnight Rules Relief Act of 2017 in an effort to stop President Barack Obama and his administration from pushing new regulations at the end of their term. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) sponsored the bill. On Jan. 5, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) introduced acompanion bill in the Senate, where it remained at press time. House Republicans say t

The Future of Lockout/Tagout: Is Zero Risk an Outdated Approach?

Jan 17, 2017
The control of hazardous energy in the workplace continues to be a challenge for many employers. According to OSHA, failure to control hazardous energy accounts for nearly 10 percent of the serious accidents in many industries. Workers servicing or maintaining machines or equipment can be seriously injured or killed if hazardous energy is not properly controlled. Injuries – sometimes fatal – r

Groups sue OSHA, DOL over recordkeeping rule

Jan 11, 2017
Washington – The National Association of Home Builders and other industry groups have filed alawsuit against OSHA and the Department of Labor over what they call an “unlawful and arbitrary rule” that requires employers to electronically submit public worker injury and illness data, which will then be made available to the public on OSHA’s website. In the lawsuit, filed Jan. 4 in the U.S. D

Safety Tips to Prevent Winter-Related Workplace Accidents

Jan 11, 2017
This time of year, cold stress that can result in hypothermia or frostbite is a hazard of which employers must be aware, particularly if they have outdoor workers. With the right preparation and presence of mind, both employers and employees can prevent these injuries. One of the most effective prevention techniques is adopting the attitude that safety is an area of responsibility for everyone in