To provide better public health services, the government spends billions of dollars on healthcare systems like hospitals, clinics and laboratories. The Healthcare industry is one of the largest sectors of the country that offers employment to a large number of workers. Healthcare workers are responsible for the patients in hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Being in the healthcare industry, working very close to many patients. pose a great risk of infection if necessary precautions are not taken. Healthcare workers are very vulnerable to occupational blood borne pathogens exposure and chemicals found in the healthcare environment. Healthcare workers are recommended not to come in direct contact with  blood, bodily fluids, used needles, syringes and other blood-contaminated items unless they are Blood borne Pathogens trained. If these precautions are not taken seriously, the risk of becoming infected would be apparent.

To comply with the OSHA Standard Healthcare regulations, healthcare companies are required to provide training to their healthcare workers. The training program is designed to protect healthcare workers from potential risks, by addressing accurate information and precaution methods to be followed while working with infected persons with real Healthcare Training Videos. The Standard Precautions Healthcare is specially designed for the healthcare industry and the training programs are designed to teach healthcare workers how they can protect themselves from the potential hazards. The training also covers detailed information on Universal Precautions and Body Substance Isolation.

The Healthcare Training DVD contains:

1. 10 PowerPoint sessions

2.  Detailed slide show notes to guide the discussion

3.  Reproducible handouts and exercises

4.  A comprehensive guide

5.  A customized quiz

6.  A completion certificate

The Standard Precautions Healthcare Training covers information on :

1. Blood borne Pathogens

2. Electrical Safety/Unqualified

3. Emergency Preparedness

4. Ergonomics

5. Hazard Communications

6. Laboratory Safety

7. PPE (Proper Protection Equipment)

8. Respiratory Protection

9. Slips, Trips, and Falls

10. Workplace Violence: How to Prevent and Diffuse

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